Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3 Outdoor Activities for You and Your Pitbull Puppy to Enjoy This Summer

Any pitbull owner will tell you that these dogs love to run, play fetch, and do tricks, and they certainly enjoy a dip in the water. And since your pitbull is a puppy, they are certainly going to be full of energy. With the weather getting warmer, what better way to let your pup have fun and get some exercise than by enjoying outdoor activities together? 

Puppies need to exercise daily, and playing active games is a great way for your pup (and you) to stay healthy. Daily activities help them to live a long and healthy life and support their physical development. Exercise also helps with their mental stimulation and prevents them from being bored, frustrated and mischievous. Taking your pup out for regular outdoor play also helps to decrease behavioral issues like chewing and digging.

So, how do you fill your pup's waking time? Below are three great outdoor activities your pitbull puppy will love.

Playing fetch

There's nothing better than playing a good old-fashioned game of fetch with your pup. Whether in your backyard or in a park, fetch helps teach your puppy how to focus and follow orders. If it's your pup's first time playing, spark their interest by throwing the toy and showing them how to chase it and retrieve it. Also, while fetch is a pretty straightforward activity, make sure that the toy you use is light so that your pup can pick it up and avoid any materials that may be rough on their mouth.


While everyone needs a break from the heat, swimming is beneficial for more than just staying cool in the hot weather. Swimming strengthens and tones muscles, joints, and ligaments, and also helps with weight management and relaxation. Plus, most dogs just plain enjoy the water.

If you want to teach your dog how to swim, your pup needs to gain confidence first. Start by exposing your dog to water, preferably in a shallow plastic pool so they can practice and get used to the feeling. When they seem more comfortable, find a body of water where your dog can gradually walk in with you. Help encourage your pup to get in by bringing toys.

Doing tricks

Who doesn't love a pup who can put on a show? Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to combine exercise and discipline, and allow the two of you to bond. Whether it's rolling over or playing dead, teaching your dog to do tricks is a mental and physical workout. You should start with basic training commands such as "stay" and "come," since these help with focus, and are crucial when your puppy is around other dogs, animals and people.

If you're looking for pitbull puppies for sale and are interested in welcoming one into your home, keep in mind that dogs learn best when they are trained early and often. The good news is that your pup needs as much down time as active time, so you'll get a break, too!