Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top 3 Common Misconceptions about Pit Bulls

We have all had our times where we believed that pit bulls were vicious and terrifying creatures. Some of us believe that pit bulls are ready to attack at any time. Let’s put it this way: there are two different schools of thought on pit bulls. One thought is that pit bulls are wicked, dangerous and that they should be banned. The other side believes that pit bulls are wonderful, loving and safe dogs that are here to provide us with warmth and love, as well as being an excellent addition to the family.

Below are three common misconceptions about pit bulls which ought to be demystified. After all, these dogs are truly one of a kind; in fact, you could go as far as to say irreplaceable.

Misconception One: Pit Bulls Are Inherently “Bad”
This is absolutely 100% a myth. Pit bulls are as bad as you want them to be. After all, they are dogs; if you train them to fight, growl, or even bite other dogs or humans then they will respond. However, if you train your dog the way you would, say, train a puppy without encouraging violence, then you will have a loyal companion who will make you proud.

Misconception Two: Pit Bulls Love to Fight, But Not to Love
This common misconception about the pit bull breed is absolutely incorrect. Although it has been proven—time and time again—that pit bulls make outstanding fighters, many people are under the impression that they are meant to do this, instead of actually being a loving protector of the household. In all reality, pit bulls love spending time with humans and enjoy human interaction whenever they can get it. After all, pit bulls are the most loving and friendly dogs out there, and this can be proven if you go to visit one who is up for adoption. Of course, it would be best to not look for a pit bull that has had an abused past; in this case, they might not be trusting of humans, but this is true for all abused animals. Also, pit bulls give more kisses than any other dog, so this is perfect for anyone who wants to know that they are loved by their loyal companion.

Misconception Three: Pit Bulls Are Always Bad Behaved and Should Not be Trusted
The truth is; pit bulls are fiery characters that have a ton of both energy and motivation. Unfortunately, this means you are going to have to give your pit bull a lot of attention and exercise. Redirect their energy in positive ways and you will have your pit bull at his or her best behavior. They do require training, but that is something easy to come across; this is a good thing though since this wonderful breed is highly trainable. They are one of the most trainable of dogs around.

After reading this, you might as well consider pitbulls for sale since they are not the dangerous breed most believe to be. So, look away! Your pit bull will bring you more joy than you would have ever believed previously.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Raise Your Pitbull Puppy

There is nothing quite like having a dog in your home or your apartment, especially if it is a brand new and super energetic puppy. Puppies are known by many to be super adorable, and they will uplift your spirit with their playful, entertaining, and joyful nature. It is almost as though they know how to make you happy when you are at your lowest.

Pitbull puppies are no exception from this rule. This lovely and sweet breed is one of the best to have as a puppy. In fact, the pitbull breed is completely misunderstood. One of the most common misconceptions that pitbull puppies or pitbull dogs is that they are violent, aggressive, and that they like to fight. This is an inaccurate misbelief. Pitbulls actually adore people and are truly kind. It is not a difficult task to raise an adorable pitbull, especially even with children. They are an excellent and loving addition to your family; in fact, at one point in history, pitbulls were known as nanny dogs so that they could watch over children when they child’s parents were out. They were a trusted resource for this purpose.

With history aside, raising your pitbull puppy is a going to be quite a worthwhile adventure. One of the first things you will have to do when it comes to raising a pitbull is inform everyone that you love or are good friends with that you are going to adopt this breed. Inform them of the myths and prejudices that come along with a pitbull and debunk this myth. They will see soon enough that your puppy is no threat to them once it grows up and is the sweetest dog in the neighborhood.

After you have done this, make sure that you have a nice living situation for you pitbull. Ensure that he or she has a cage (if necessary) and a nice little bed. You will also want to take your pitbull out for many walks. These little puppies are energetic and love to take in the fresh air.

Pitbulls are very intelligent. This means that they get bored fairly easily. In this case, you are going to want to be as entertaining as possible. Ensure to purchase them toys, such as tennis balls, squeaky toys, and stuffed dog toys.

Having a pitbull is a true blessing; these loyal companions will never let you down. They are cute, sweet, kind, and will always look out for you and your children.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

3 Common Misconceptions about Pit Bulls

For many years throughout history—sometime around the late 1800’s and into the early 1900’s—pit bulls were known as “nanny dogs” because of how kind and protective they were of children. As a matter of fact, these nanny dogs were often used as babysitters, believe it or not. During this time, many parents adopted a pit bull to keep their children safe. Remember The Little Rascals, which was a movie based off of Hal Roach’s Our Gang, a series of short films which originated in the 1920s? Well, it is no surprise that Petey, their beloved dog and companion, was indeed a pit bull. 

Nowadays, pit bulls have a bit of a rough and often misunderstood reputation. In fact, there are quite a few misconceptions about the beloved pit bull. Here are just a few: 

1. Pit bulls are bad dogs.
This misconception is very common, especially these days. However, what a lot of people do not realize is that pit bulls react to their world the way that they are bred and trained. As long as you do not teach and train your pit bull to fight other dogs, you are absolutely in the clear. 

2. Pit bulls are designed to fight.
This is untrue. It truly depends on how you train your pit bull puppy. Pit bulls—in one word—are loyal. They respect their owners and their desires. If you raise your pit bull correctly, he or she can grow up to be the most loving, loyal, and truthful companion of all time. 

3. Pit bulls are aggressive.
This is a very common misconception. Pit bulls—when raised correctly and treated with love, care, and warmth—can grow to be the best dogs you could ever imagine having. It does not matter what the rumors and harsh words that you have heard about pit bulls are; the truth is, they can be the absolute best pet you have ever adopted. (The key phrase here is that you need to treat him or her right, and he or she will do the same.) 

When you learn the truth about pit bulls, it is hard not to want to adopt one. They are people loving pets who adore their owners. If you are looking for pitbulls for sale, then you should definitely do some research on finding these amazing creatures so that you could own one, love one, and watch them as they grow.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pit Bull

If you have been looking to adopt a pet, there are multiple options out there: birds, fish, cats, dogs, and even more. When it comes to dogs, there are many different breeds, but pitbulls are quite an excellent option that can—according to your personality and taste—outshine the others. Pitbulls are an often misunderstood breed. A lot of us know them as being fierce, fighting beasts, but the truth is that they are only taught to be that way by their owners; they are not inherently born as such. In fact, pit bulls are very sweet and loving creatures. Here are five reasons why you should look into adopting a pitbull. 

1. Pitbulls are very friendly with people and absolutely love to be with humans. In fact, pitbulls are very affectionate, especially towards humans. They will be delighted to see you as soon as you get home from work or school, and will wag their tail happily once they know that you are officially at your house. Expect a smooch or two as well when they see you again! 

2. If you are looking for a dog that can entertain, a pitbull is the pup for you. Pitbulls are known for being playful and love to make their owners laugh. This entertaining quality stays up until their elderly years. 

3. Pitbulls are the best at cuddling. If you have ever wished that you had a real-life teddy bear (only one that is a little larger), then a pitbull is the answer for your pet-decision process. Pitbulls love to lay with you on the couch or on your bed. 

4. Pitbulls are great with children. They are strong and have a very high tolerance for pain, which is why they are good with children. This might sound strange, but sometimes children can unknowingly hurt animals (since they simply do not know any better) but pitbulls can handle it. Plus, they love humans anyway, so they are willing to rough it up once in a while. 

5. If you are athletic, you will be overjoyed to find out that pitbulls are very motivated dogs. They can inspire you to go out and engage in your daily exercise techniques, helping you to get through your rigorous routine. 

These are only five out of at least a million reasons to adopt a pitbull. If you find pitbulls for sale around your area, then it would be a great idea to adopt one, especially if any of these five reasons appeal to you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

5 Signs of Good Pitbull Breeders

There are lots of blue pitbull breeders out there, and for good reason: more and more people fall in love with pitbulls every year and the blue pitbull is one of the most elegant, attractive, and beloved varieties. However, not all pitbull breeders are the same or will produce the same quality of dog. Here is what to look for in the best blue pitbull breeders, according to the well-respected Iron King Kennels:

1.  They are dedicated to pitbulls – Obviously, most dog professionals love all kinds of dogs, but a breeder should have one or several specific breeds they focus their time and attention on. This allows them to become more deeply familiar with all the quirks and idiosyncrasies of that breed and, thus, deliver better care, training, and owner education. The best blue pitbull breeders are pitbull aficionados who likely raise several varieties of pitbull (not just blue), but not other kinds of dogs.

2.  They do this full time – If you have heard the term "backyard breeder," you know it has a bad connotation in professional circles. In one sense, this may seem unfair, since every blue pitbull breeder has to start somewhere and they're usually casual owners before they are breeders. But when an individual makes a choice to become a breeder, they are committing to providing full-time professional quality care to blue pitbull puppies (and mothers) during their most vulnerable time. Breeders who have a day job and spend a few hours with their bulls in the evening cannot provide this level of care. Always look for professional blue pitbull breeders who have invested in their business and work with the dogs full time.

3.  Lots of outdoor space – A growing dog cannot develop properly without lots of outdoor space! This shouldn't just be the free run of a yard – it should involve a large open space where there are plenty of new things they can explore, discover, and interact with: plants, bugs, other dogs, small animals, and so on. The best blue pitbull breeders have acres of fenced outdoor space and let the bull puppies get plenty of time outside each day.

4.  They teach you about the breed – How knowledgeable and friendly are your blue pitbull breeders? Experienced breeders have years' worth of wisdom about how to raise, train, and care for blue pitbulls and they should be happy—even enthusiastic—to share it.

5.  Never too young! – Good breeders know that a blue pitbull puppy cannot leave its mother or change homes before 10 weeks of age.

What do you look for in blue pitbull breeders? You'll find it best by talking to us at Iron King Kennels. Our experience and enthusiasm, not to mention our good record of producing temperate and beautiful dogs, will convince you to choose us when you are ready to get a pitbull. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Everything You Need to Know about Blue Pitbull Puppies

Are you in love with blue pitbulls? It can be tempting to get one as soon as you find blue pitbull puppies for sale; however, getting any kind of pet is going to be a transition, and getting blue pitbulls requires some extra thought. Knowing what to look for in terms of the dog and breeder, as well as how you'll need to train your new pet is crucial. Here is some essential information that we at Iron King Kennels really think you need to know:

The breeder makes a difference

Everything a pitbull puppy learns in its first few months either comes from its mother or from its breeder. That means breeders have a huge impact on not only the health, but also the future behavior of a bull. When someone is offering blue pitbull puppies for sale, you should find out whether they are a professional breeder, whether they work with their dogs full time or just as a side gig, how they treat the dogs, and how much outdoor space and time the animals have.

Blue pitbull puppies have their own quirks and personalities

All pitbulls share certain characteristics and that includes blue pitbull puppies. Pitbulls as a breed are unfairly known for a fast temper and aggressive behavior, but this is a myth that stems from a long history of mistreated pitbulls. The reality is that pitbulls are strong, but gentle dogs who, if properly trained, are as safe as any other breed. Blue pitbull puppies have their own take on the bull personality, and are known for being extremely intelligent and lively. Sometimes, blue pitbull puppies can come across as a bit jumpy, but this goes hand in hand with their adventurous natures and their great curiosity about the world around them.

Blue pitbulls should never be taken from their mothers too early

If a puppy is less than ten weeks old, it's too young to be taken from its mother! We know that when people set out to adopt a dog, they can't wait to get their baby bull home, but a breeder should never let them go before ten weeks. They need this time to learn key personality traits from their mother, and to feel safe and comfortable in the world. If they are taken too early, it can lead to temperament issues later.

Puppies should be introduced to other creatures

During puppyhood, it's a great idea to introduce baby pitbulls to other animals like cats. The best way to do this is to let the two animals see each other without physical contact first, then let them interact together later with supervision. This is also a good way to introduce your puppy to children.

Praise and rewards are the best training

Discipline is key to raising a well-behaved pitbull puppy, but hitting is not the way to do it! The best training is to show pitbulls what you want them to do and then reward them with praise and treats when they succeed.

If you are interested in taking home one of our delightful blue pitbull puppies, call or contact us at Iron King Kennels today! We can give you all the information you need to become the responsible owner of a loving pet. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

What to Look for In Blue Pitbull Puppies

If you love blue pitbulls, you are not alone. Pitbulls are popular, and blues are among the most popular of all. But when you see an ad for blue pitbull puppies for sale, it can be hard to know whether you should trust the seller. Thinking of adopting? At Iron King Kennels, we want all of our customer experiences to be good ones that lead to long relationships. To that end, we have provided the following recommendations so that you can get the right companion the first time and not take any chances with dicey so-called "breeders." 

Here's what to look for in blue pitbulls:

1.  They're from a reputable breeder – Not all breeders are created equal. Everyone knows that blue pitbulls have a devoted following and that means that anyone with a couple of blue pitbulls might try to make money advertising the puppies. But going to a professional breeder makes a real difference. Professional breeders give more time and attention to the dogs and can account for how they are treated, trained, and raised. Amateur breeders are more likely to keep the bulls in kennels for most of the day (while they're gone at their day job), may give them lower quality or undocumented care, and in some cases may not even be selling real blue pitbulls. Trust the professionals.

2.  The breeder specializes in blue nosed bulls – Like any variety of dogs, blue nosed pitbulls have their own distinct personality traits and quirks. Of course they have many similarities to other pitbull types, but they also have some subtle differences. If it's possible, focus your search on experienced breeders who specialize in blue pitbulls. These breeders will know more about how to take care of young blues to ensure the best-trained adults with the easiest temperaments.

3.  No early adoptions – It's understandable that you want to get your puppy home as soon as possible, but a reliable breeder will not let blue pitbull puppies go home before 10 weeks of age. These early weeks are crucial for mental and emotional development. A dog that is taken away from familiar surroundings and faces too early can develop lifelong behavior tics that are hard to cope with. Professional breeders understand this and will not let the puppies go early.

4.  The puppies are introduced to a variety of experiences – The most well-adjusted blue pitbull puppies will be gradually introduced and acclimated to a variety of other creatures and experiences including children, cats, babies, and other forms of stimulation they're likely to encounter in their future homes. The best pitbull owners focus on giving young puppies these experiences to prepare them, before putting blue pitbull puppies up for sale.

By choosing the best puppies from a responsible and knowledgeable breeder like Iron King Kennels, you can ensure that your pet is healthy, happy, and ready for their new home. Remember, you should always ask questions about the dogs you are considering and the breeders you are getting them from, so please call us at: 1-352-857-9007. We would love to talk to you!