Monday, October 6, 2014

How Tug-of-War Helps Your Pitbull Puppy Develop

When people see pitbull puppies for sale they often aren't sure whether games like tug of war is a good idea or not because it encourages the dog to be aggressive and use their teeth. However, playing tug with your pitbull puppy can be one of the best ways to help them learn to be obedient and gentle. In fact, it can improve their behavior dramatically.

Some benefits of playing tug with your pitbull puppy include:

1.  Channeling their energy – Every pitbull has a hunter instinct and pitbull puppies in particular are eager to engage that instinct to chase, grab and wrestle. Games like tug of war are a way to let them play the part of the predator in a safe way. It allows them to work out their energy in an appropriate manner. Dogs that don't get enough physical activity and mental stimulation are unhappy dogs. By playing tug with your bull pup you give them an outlet and they will truly enjoy it.

2.  Teaching them obedience – There are lots of games you can play with your pitbull puppy, and most involve some level of obedience. Throwing a ball, for example, can teach them the fetch command. However, few games involve a moment where your puppy has to listen to authority and be obedient even when fully caught up in their animal instincts. When playing tug, you can order your dog to drop the tug toy. They will slowly learn to listen to you even when distracted by something exciting, which is a valuable lesson.

3.  Protecting your home – For dogs that don't get enough stimulation, they are more likely to chew, shred or knock over other items in the house. Play tug with your dog often so they don't go looking to play predator with your shoes, pillow or something more valuable in your home.

The hardest part of tug for many owners is getting the dog to let go of the toy when commanded. That's because many owners are saying one thing with their mouth and another thing with their body. If you're still trying to pull the toy away while ordering your pitbull to drop it, it looks like you're still playing tug and they get  a mixed message. Instead, try letting your arm go totally limp. Hold onto the toy but stop struggling when you say "Drop it" and don't move again until they let go. Once they obey, praise them and then go back to playing. They'll get the message.

What are some of your favorite games to play with your pitbull puppy?

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