Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Are People Afraid of Pitbulls?

It goes without saying that the pitbulls are the number one most feared dogs in the eyes of the public.  There are countless stories in the media regarding pitbull attacks, various maulings, their use in dog fighting rings, and so on.  The problem is that in our modern society, people don't like to dig any deeper than they have to, and take everything at face value.  Insurance companies often refuse to offer cover homeowners who own these types of dogs because of the "risks" associated with owning one.  What they don't realize is that the pitbull is a normal dog breed just like any other; a breed is akin to a human wearing a particular type of clothing, it tells nothing about the animal within.  Dogs that attack other creatures are created and perpetuated by their owners, not the breed itself.

To explain the history of the pitbull, you have to look first at their origin.  There are two theories on how the breed originated.  One theory is that they came from an extinct breed called the Molossus, which was a type of dog used by the Greeks to herd sheep.  It is said that it eventually made its way over to England, and became the mastiff. Their use was primarily as war dogs, and they were undoubtedly the forefathers of the modern pitbull. 

The other theory is that the dog came into being around the time of the Norman Conquest, where they were used as "bull biters".  The dog would latch on to the nose of angry or enraged bulls and held on until the bull would calm down or be subdued.  In fact, this led to bull-baiting, where the dogs were placed in a pit and bets were laid down to see which could hold on the longest.  This was the origin of the term "pitbull".

As they moved throughout the centuries, the pitbull gained the reputation of being a "killing machine", mostly due to how humans utilized them. Again, the point needs to be stressed that the way humans shaped and grew the pitbull was to inflict violence on other creatures, and to serve as attack dogs in the early part of their history. In fact, because of their history in regards to fighting, the American Kennel Club would not recognize the breed until the year 1936.

This is just a short glimpse as to why pitbulls are viewed negatively in the eye of the public.  The reality is that they are a sweet and gentle, yet strong and courageous breed that can be shaped into the ultimate companion.  If you are considering bully pitbull puppies for sale, rest assured that they will make wonderful pets for you and your family.    

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