Monday, April 7, 2014

Considering Buying a Pitbull? Read these Tips First!

Have you been thinking about getting a dog, but you want a unique one – one that maybe not everyone in the neighborhood will have (we're looking at you, Golden Retrievers)? Pitbulls might be on your list of likely dogs, which is a great thing! These dogs are loving, loyal, and more family-friendly than their big bad reputations would suggest. Owning a pitbull (or any dog for that matter) can be a very rewarding experience, but buying one is not something to be taken lightly. Before you reach out to Iron King Kennels about one of our beautiful pitbulls for sale, take a moment to read our tips.

Tip 1: Consider your lifestyle.

Owning a dog, particularly a puppy, requires a tremendous investment of time, money, and energy. You must be willing to commit to your dog. Do you have the time to walk your dog each day and the patience to socialize him or her by entering into different situations? This is particularly important with energetic pitbull puppies; it is not recommended that you let a pitbull run around off leash with other dogs, particularly unknown dogs, so the dog park might not be an option for getting out all that excess energy. Do you have the financial resources for food, shots, and medical care, as well as money for boarding or a pet-sitter if you travel? Are you willing to be diligent and consistent in training and disciplining your dog? Will you be devastated if your dog destroys your shoes, furniture, or other items? Be honest with yourself!

Tip 2: Be willing to be a breed ambassador

The stigma against pitbulls is a reality in our society. While most people would not be alarmed to see an off-leash golden retriever, Chihuahua, or cocker spaniel running towards them or their child, reactions to pitbulls are entirely different. In the event of an altercation between a pitbull and another dog, most people will assume the pitbull is at fault. By buying a pitbull, you are signing up for the responsibility of training, socializing, and disciplining a dog who arouses suspicion and fear in a lot of people, however unjustly. So you'll need to have energy, patience, and a positive attitude in order to not only train your dog, but win over the skeptics around you. With an obedient, friendly dog at your side, you'll do more to dispel the stigma than any number of advocacy campaigns.

Tip 3: Ask a lot of questions.

What are the local laws where you live about pets in general, and pitbulls in particular? Some cities and towns ban pitbulls; make sure this is not the case where you live! And what about your insurance? Will your homeowner’s or renter’s coverage be in jeopardy if you bring a pitbull into your home? Before you go and pick up your pitbull, do your research!

Hopefully these tips will help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing one of our pitbulls for sale at Iron King Kennels. Getting any type of dog is a big life event. Make sure that yours turns out well by considering every aspect of your life and adding a dog to the equation. Contact us today at Iron King Kennels for more information: 1- 352-857-9007. 


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  2. I like tip number 3, ask a lot of questions. That seems important when it comes to getting any kind of dog. My aunt got a pitbull from a dog pound and she asked a ton of questions. She wanted to know everything she could about the dog.