Monday, May 12, 2014

What to Look For in Blue Pitbull Breeders

Pitbulls have a strong following of loving owners and breeders (including us here at Iron King Kennels)—and blue pitbulls are among the most popular. Aficionados know that blue pitbulls are gentle, intelligent, and faithful dogs. But with so many myths about pitbulls out there, it can be hard to know which breeders to trust. What should you look for in blue pitbull breeders? Here are our top guidelines:

  • Specialization – Not all pitbulls are the same and not all breeders know blue pitbulls! While there are many similarities among the different types of pitbulls, they differ not only in color but in temperament and personality. If you are looking specifically for blue pitbulls, then talk to a breeder who specializes in them.
  • Full time, dedicated breeders – This is probably the most important thing to look for if you want a healthy, well-adjusted pitbull puppy. While there's nothing wrong with casual pitbull owners selling their puppies, but that does not make them pitbull breeders. Professional blue pitbull breeders should treat it as a full time job, spending all day, every day with the dogs and giving them lots of attention, care, and affection. This not only makes the dogs happier – it also leads to well-behaved puppies.
  • Lots of outdoor space – Hand in hand with running a professional breeding business is having the space for the dogs to enjoy. Adult and puppy pitbulls love being outside and having space to run. For a breeding operation with a number of dogs, at least a couple acres of fenced outdoor land is a must. If breeders run everything out of kennels or a very small yard, both the physical and mental health of the dogs is at stake.
  • The right age – Puppies should be adopted young, but not too young. As a general guideline, puppies should not be adopted out before 10 weeks of age. This gives them time to wean, grow, adjust, and learn. It lets them become more independent and emotionally ready to leave. If a blue pitbull breeder offers puppies younger than this, it's not a good sign.
  • Breeding services as well as puppies – You may already have a blue pitbull you love and want to keep the line going. Professional blue pitbulls breeders should have a selection of males and females available and extensive experience facilitating the breeding process.

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Do you own a blue pitbull? What do you look for in blue pitbull breeders? 

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