Wednesday, June 18, 2014

5 Signs of Good Pitbull Breeders

There are lots of blue pitbull breeders out there, and for good reason: more and more people fall in love with pitbulls every year and the blue pitbull is one of the most elegant, attractive, and beloved varieties. However, not all pitbull breeders are the same or will produce the same quality of dog. Here is what to look for in the best blue pitbull breeders, according to the well-respected Iron King Kennels:

1.  They are dedicated to pitbulls – Obviously, most dog professionals love all kinds of dogs, but a breeder should have one or several specific breeds they focus their time and attention on. This allows them to become more deeply familiar with all the quirks and idiosyncrasies of that breed and, thus, deliver better care, training, and owner education. The best blue pitbull breeders are pitbull aficionados who likely raise several varieties of pitbull (not just blue), but not other kinds of dogs.

2.  They do this full time – If you have heard the term "backyard breeder," you know it has a bad connotation in professional circles. In one sense, this may seem unfair, since every blue pitbull breeder has to start somewhere and they're usually casual owners before they are breeders. But when an individual makes a choice to become a breeder, they are committing to providing full-time professional quality care to blue pitbull puppies (and mothers) during their most vulnerable time. Breeders who have a day job and spend a few hours with their bulls in the evening cannot provide this level of care. Always look for professional blue pitbull breeders who have invested in their business and work with the dogs full time.

3.  Lots of outdoor space – A growing dog cannot develop properly without lots of outdoor space! This shouldn't just be the free run of a yard – it should involve a large open space where there are plenty of new things they can explore, discover, and interact with: plants, bugs, other dogs, small animals, and so on. The best blue pitbull breeders have acres of fenced outdoor space and let the bull puppies get plenty of time outside each day.

4.  They teach you about the breed – How knowledgeable and friendly are your blue pitbull breeders? Experienced breeders have years' worth of wisdom about how to raise, train, and care for blue pitbulls and they should be happy—even enthusiastic—to share it.

5.  Never too young! – Good breeders know that a blue pitbull puppy cannot leave its mother or change homes before 10 weeks of age.

What do you look for in blue pitbull breeders? You'll find it best by talking to us at Iron King Kennels. Our experience and enthusiasm, not to mention our good record of producing temperate and beautiful dogs, will convince you to choose us when you are ready to get a pitbull. 

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